Elizabeth L. Brown, MD, PLLC


Dr. Brown has extensive training in bariatric medicine and developed a program of supervised medical weight loss including nutrition counseling, use of prescription appetite suppressants, and natural supplements.

Supplements (may be purchased without appointment or participation in either program):

**Weight loss services are not billed to insurance but may be reimbursed by certain Flexible Spending Accounts depending on your insurance plan**

Aesthetic Procedures (all performed in office by Dr. Brown)

Botox: Softens and eliminates wrinkles in the forehead, crow's feet, lifts brow, helps minimize headaches, TMJ pain, and muscle spasms, reduces sweating

Juvederm: Injectable dermal filler used to fill in skin folds and plump lips

Microdermabrasion: Manual skin exfoliation and scrub to cleanse pores, remove dead skin and reduce appearance of fine lines

Latisse: Prescription topical liquid to lengthen and thicken eyelashes